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Sound Barier P75e

PE Based Sound Isolation Barrier


It is a PE Based sound isolution barrier with amorphous structure, cross linked closed cell structure manufactured with the sintering method. It provides sound isolution thanks to its air handler feature. It differs from P75 with its content consisting about 10% recycled raw material.


• It contains B-class FR series component with imflammablity feature.

• Does not contain banned chemicals, which have been specified by EU and which can be hazardous to human health.

• It is antibacterial, it does not corrode or form mold or moss.

• It has a high level of breaking elongation and elongation at break is 150%. It has a little less elongation than P75.

• It insulates heat, thanks to the closed air cell structure.

• It is water-resistant.

• Since it easily takes shape on round-corners and overlapping, it provides superior results in bunding implementations.

• It has a low permanent slump loss under pressure and it does not loose its form. It’s permanent slump loss rate is 5% higher than P75.

• It is light and it can be easily carried and applied.

• It has a high level of tearing strength.

• The mice and insects cannot damage it.

• It does not get dirty under the site conditions, it is easily stored and it is not affected by outdoor conditions.


• It is produced as standard with thicknesses of 2.5 mm, 5 mm and 8 mm. It can be manufactured in different thicknesses for custom purposes.

• There are aluminum laminated and perforated types available.

• It can be attached to different surfaces using CKS PANYAP adhesive.


• It is delivered as 20 or 25 meters rolls with 100 or 150 cm width in nylon packages.

• It can be stored in all conditions between the temperatures -50° C and +100° C.


• As a sound insulation barrier under the screed over the inter-floor lean concrete,

• As a reducer of sound transmission between attached buildings,

• As an impact sound preventer under the parquet and the screed,

• As a sound isolation material for mechanical rooms of the facilities and installation story,

• Also for the sound isolation of the air-conditioning canals, with its mold preventive and antibacterial characteristics.